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Ironwood is the forest through which any who would travel from Midgard, this world, to the underworld of Hel must pass.

It is a liminal realm, threatening, dangerous, a domain of power.

In myth it is the ancestral home of wolves.

In the underworld all wisdom dwells, for there all is remembered.

The light of Bifrost lies at the far side of Hel, leading to the halls of Asgard.

From below to above are the lineages of all things revealed, interconnected and whole.

The Ironwood must be braved if wisdom is to be won.


Ironwood performs dark, earthy and transcendental music, channelling a visceral journey through chaos and spirit.

Ironwood is

Phil Brown

Henry Lauer

Dan Nahum

Matt Raymond

Note: Ironwood will not use this page to maintain a blog in the conventional sense. This is simply a channel to keep our friends and fans informed of our activities, such as gig dates and new releases.